Leibinger and PMC Engineering Solutions are pleased to announce that both companies reached an agreement at the recent SIBA conference to form a UK partnership.

Leibinger GmbH designs and manufactures small and medium-sized rotary bottling, canning and transvasion machines for international customers.

PMCES will be providing full sales, technical and engineering support for filling and transvasion machines.

Annotated picture of Leibinger machine.

Since 1909

Trusted partners for over 100 years, now under new ownership.

Up to 200 bpm/cpm

Mid-sized machines from 6 to 30 stations, with can seamer. Cleaning and flushing devices and many other options.

Bottling & canning

A pioneer in the filling machine industry and focused on craft beer. Also experts in wine, champagne, cider and spirits.

Every container & size

Glass, PET or aluminium cans. From Piccolo to Nebuchadnezzar.

Made in Germany

Extremely reliable mechanics. Expert installations and service. German manufacturing at its finest, at a reasonable price.

PMC Engineering Solutions' founding directors are well established and experienced within the food, beverage and packaging industries. In addition to supporting Leibinger in the UK, PMC Engineering Solutions can offer a wide range of support services that would ideally suit Craft Brewers, start-up companies and SME's. These include line design & layouts, feasability studies, fron end designs, equipment selection and turnkey solutions through to installation and commissioning.

PMCES have recently come to an agreement with Leibinger - a leading German designer and manufacturer of bottling and canning machines, to become their UK partner for sales, technical support and installation.